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Without a sure, having the correct equipment is beneficial, but you won’t need to empty your bank account to get started.
Explanation of the Golf Game
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Golf clubs are used to play golf

There are normally three or four wood clubs and nine or ten irons in the average good player’s kit (no more than 14 clubs may be carried during a round). A set of clubs contains no duplicates. The length and suppleness of the shaft, the weight, size, and form of the head, the angle at which the shaft ends and the head begins (the lie), and the angle of the club’s face from the vertical are all factors (the loft).

The numerous clubs are identified by their number as well as their names. The length and pitch of a club’s head are largely determined by its number, which corresponds to the distance and height to which a club will drive a ball.

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The Goal of the Game

The goal of the game is to get your ball from the tee (the beginning point of any hole) to the green and finally into the hole in the fewest number of shots possible. The phrase “the hole” refers to both the physical hole designated by a flag into which the ball must be sunk and the entire region between the tee and the green. 


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The game of golf as we know it today began in Scotland in the 1400s, although its roots can be traced back to the first century B.C. King James II of Scotland forbade golf in 1457 as an undesirable distraction, and many golf widows and widowers no doubt wish it had remained that way.
The object of the game is to hit the ball from a teeing ground into a hole with a series of strokes that follow the regulations. The required round is 18 holes, and most golf courses have that many. Standard 18-hole courses are between 6,500 and 7,000 yards (5,900 and 6,400 metres) long with individual
Going to a course and aiming to get the ball into 18 holes in a row is how golf is played. The goal is to get the ball into the designated par, which is the maximum amount of shots you should take. Setting up the tee in the allotted location known as the tee box and taking a swing is the first stage. The ball will then be struck from the rough, fairway, or bunkers.
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Balls are purchased on a sliding scale dependent on the number of balls lost in a round. Buy balls that cost roughly $20 a dozen if you’ve never played before or lose two sleeves or more per round (if you can’t decide between one brand and another, try putting a few to see how they feel going off the putter face). Purchase balls that cost less than $30 per dozen once the number of lost balls has been reduced to three to five per round. Only consider the $40 a dozen balls if you’re losing less than a sleeve per round. See our ball Hot List for a complete list of golf balls.


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